Avogi Musicals (i)
Avogi Musicals (i)
New Barrakpur, Kolkata, West Bengal

Infrastructure & Facilities

Seasoning and Manufacturing Process

We carry out long but fulfilling seasoning process which ensures that the final product is flawless. The wood is kept in the open air and left vulnerable to rain, water and sunlight for a period of at least 6 months or may be up to one year. Our experts constantly examine the wood every month during the seasoning period by using sophisticated moisture testing equipment. After ascertaining that the seasoning is complete, they allow the wood to be used as the raw material in the manufacturing process.

Finally, our experienced craftsmen indulge themselves in the creation of finest range of violin accessories by using latest hand tools and equipment. Only specific and appropriate portion of the wood is used in the seasoning process to make sure that highest quality standards are followed. We understand that the clients usually look for violins made from older wood as it is believed to produce better ‘voice’. The end product is a true marvel for musicians and artists who find solace in the tunes of the violin.

Warehousing & Packaging

We have a spacious warehouse which is equipped with all latest facilities in order to store a bulk of products till the delivery time.

Some of the basic features of our warehouse are as follows:

  • Very spacious for facilitating maximum storage
  • Properly segregated
  • Free of pest and rodents
  • Free of moisture and chemicals to prevent any damage to the finished products

Apart from this, we also provide excellent packaging facilities to our clients who need the products to be delivered at their specified addresses. Our experts use quality and durable packaging material to make sure that all the musical accessories are safely transported by the logistics team.